Alpha Cat

Hayfu II approchingMost of the time when we enter a harbor or dock at a marina Cat Inn Around is the biggest cat in the neighborhood; the undisputed Alpha-cat. One day while secured to the dock at Leeward Yacht Club (Leewardyachtclub) we spy Hayfu II entering Black Sound in Green Turtle Cay. What a site!

Hayfu II is an 82-foot catamaran built by the prestigious A. F. Theriault & Sons Shipyard ( in Nova Scotia and launched in April 2008. Her fiber reinforced composite hulls Hayfu II Front Portare powered by twin Cummins QSMII 670 hp diesels that speed her along at between 17 and 22 knots. Her 32-foot beam is an imposing site as she approaches Cat Inn Around. I run for the camera. The crew yells: “Let me get her fenders straight if your going to take a picture! What year is that Prowler?” I yell back: “2005! Why, do you want to trade? … On second thought, I couldn’t afford your fuel bill!” He literally doubles over with laughter. She holds 2,300 gals of fuel, which at Green Turtle Cay prices of $7.00/gallon is $16,100 worth of diesel! Cat Inn Around holds 400 gallons, a paltry 17%. Hayfu II AftShe turns to starboard to cross Black Sound showing a clear view of her seaworthy forward deck and her full aft profile. Then she reverses to settle-in to the docks at Black Sound Marina,(blacksoundmarinagreenturtle) her impressive starboard profile is on full display.

If Cat Inn Around is going to be out-classed by another cat it might as well be a ‘reputed’ 7-million dollar, 82 by 32-foot custom catamaran. It took over three years to build her at Theriault’s Meteghan River, Nova Scotia yard. Apparently, the owner’s representatives, Hayfu II Starboardthe yacht’s Captain Brian Water (great name for a captain) and his wife Lynn, were on-hand throughout the construction.

The following photos, courtesy of  A. F. Theriault Boat Yard (, show Hayfu II Bridgethat she is as extraordinary on the inside as she is outside. The pilothouse is every captain’s dream featuring state of the art electronics highlighted by a touchscreen based control system. The pilothouse’s unobstructed forward and side views are augmented with ‘aft imaging’ to aid in stern navigation and docking. Hayfu II features six staterooms (including the Master and Captain’s behind the pilot house), an awesome salon and a spacious kitchen.

Cat Inn Around and Hayfu II have similar top cruising speeds (22½-knots or 25.9 mph) and the same shallow draft (3½-feet); a real advantage in the skinny waters in the Abacos and Florida Keys. Both cats are set high out of the water, a feature that improves handling and comfort in a moderate chop. While there is little published information on her range, 2,300 gallons of fuel should provide an incredible cruising range. Cat Inn Around with dual 227-gallon fuel tanks has a 450-mile rage at cruising speed (18-knots – 20.7 mph) or a 900-mile range at trawler speeds.

Most of the similarities end there, and they should: with a purchase price nearly thirteen times the cost of Cat Inn Around, it should have the size, luxury, quality and sea-going capability of Hayfu II.

Hayfu II SalonHayfu II Kitchen Reportedly Hayfu II is owned by Kevin P. Reilly, Jr., President and Chairman of the Board of Lamar Advertising Company. He is also reported to be an avid Bone Fishing enthusiast, a popular sport in shallow flats and sand bars in the Abacos.

It is hard not to admire Hayfu II and recognize a discerning owner willing to hire and expect the best! And to tip your hat to the Alpha-Cat.

If you would like to know more, chick below to watch a video of  the launch Hayfu II.

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